Legacy of Hop-Man

Gametip: Collect 100 fish scales to unlock Hop-Man's fish suit! It allows you to ride your skateboard underwater!

Black Ops: Murder Death Kill

Your name is Grim Bombcastle, and you're the best. Anyone who's ever seen you is dead, but so are the people who never saw you at all. Holy crap, Grim Bombcastle. Holy crap.


It's 83:30 in the middle of the space night when your cover is blown. An entire star station's milibrigade has spotted your invalid DNA-code. In your podbag is a pack of cigarettes, the blue key card, and a phaser gun. Good luck.

Nightmare Mansion

The forces of the dread have trapped you inside a nightmare. But there's one thing they didn't count on: you hitting them with a whip until they're all dead.