Krystalline Kastles IV: Caliope and the Withered Dandelion

King Wizard's dark forces have pounded all peaceful kingdoms into smoldering ruins. Where magic and steel have failed, could love be the only weapon?

Quest Kingdom VIII

The chosen warrior must overcome his amnesia and fulfill his destiny with the help of Princess the healer and Dwarf the dwarf.

Xyo Complex 14

After death, your personality was downloaded to a failing synthezoid. Its thermite core only has 14 days of power... 14 days of a second chance at life... 14 days to solve your own murder. Will you seek justice, revenge, or redemption?

Sonata Saga

An impenetrable gray cloud surrounds the lands of Zynth'adon, and with it comes sickness and despair. A music combat academy cadet's dreamharp and the runes inscribed upon it bring a promise of salvation.