About PHS

Music and games are constants in my world, and I’ve always been acutely aware of how they interact. That’s why I launched this project to share my enthusiasm for game music composition. Pumashock’s High Score is more than a web show, it’s a personal challenge to hone my abilities and discover opportunities to do more of what I love—making music for video games.

Check out the five episode types I’ve created for PHS to channel my passion and keep my creativity buzzing:


After immersing myself in a video game, I create two compositions that showcase the themes that most impacted my play experience.


I play a video game with no sound at all. Once I have a feel for the story, style and mechanics of the game, I compose a theme to match. On the episode, I listen to the original score for the first time, then compare and contrast the two.


Mobile games take the spotlight. I create tunes for games I enjoy on-the-go, composed entirely with Chiptunes. That means every song has that nostalgic, 8-bit sound characteristic of retro games.


This time, I start with an original composition. I play it for a friend who then comes up with a game idea to match on the spot. Finally, we bring that idea to life with a fun animation.


I chat with professionals and enthusiasts of the gaming and music worlds—from composers and designers to journalists, pro players and more. Together, we discuss the games (and the OSTs) that have made a lifelong impression.