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Kudos to the folks at GAGEX for creating such a sweet little game that packs a massive punch to the feels. Tiny foods, a cute grandma, and heartwarming stories -- this game’s got it all covered. Hope the song I created makes you feel as cozy and loved as grandma’s home cooking.

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Natalie is a BMI songwriter, producer and performer.

Natalie is a BMI songwriter, producer and performer.

hello, my name is natalie

I’m a composer. A producer. A writer. An all-around creative collaborator and leader. I have over a decade of experience in the entertainment and creative advertising industries wearing many hats. I bring a wellspring of imagination and leadership experience to any team. From video gaming and animation to short film and theater, electronic to classical, I have a track record of delivering audacious, unexpected ideas to elevate creative projects. Let’s create together—for more info and to discuss a potential partnership, send me a note today. I'm available for commissions and licensing.